Mossy Oak Properties – Southeast Land & Wildlife, LLC (SELW) specializes in the sale of rural property. We offer brokerage services throughout Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. During the past several years, FM&C, Inc. has marketed millions of dollars of timberland and farmland. In every transaction, we strive to provide quality and knowledgeable service. SELW gives full disclosure of buyer-agent, seller-agent, customer, and client relationships to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. We are qualified to answer the most technical questions and give essential advice in a way that is informative and helpful. We have the expertise to advise our clients of the options concerning the sale of their property which will provide them with the highest return. Some options include harvesting the timber before the land is sold or subdividing a portion for commercial development. Our real estate services include developing a detailed and comprehensive description of individual properties in a sales prospectus.


SELW knows the rural acreage market. We know the potential buyers of investment grade timberland, farms, development land, recreational hunting properties, and plantations. Through decades of responsible work, these investors trust the reliability and integrity we bring to each listing.

Highest and Best Use Analysis

For small and large landowners, SELW will evaluate their land by determining each properties “Highest-and-Best Use” (HBU). Properties once suited for growing timber, farming, or hunting often becomes urbanized and better suited for development. Evaluating properties based on HBU analysis can significantly increase the total sales price. This assessment is performed by SELW using real estate market analysis which may include evaluating net present value and future cash flow projections.

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