Timberland management begins with understanding the goals of each client. Individual objectives are blended with other requirements and resources of the owner to determine the best plan for the property.

For over forty years, the timberland management professionals at FM&C, Inc. have used our experience and expertise to assist landowners in achieving their goals. Our full service forestry consulting operations provide timber sales, harvesting schedules, and regeneration for all types of property.

Typically, clear-cut sales are sold on a lump-sum, sealed-bid basis. Select cuts and plantation thinnings are sold on both sealed-bid and negotiated basis and can be either lump-sum amounts or pay-as-cut. Lump-sum sales require payment upon the signing of the Timber Sale Contract. Pay-as-cut sales are typically paid on a weekly basis.

Once the sale area has been inventoried, a bid prospectus is prepared. The bid invitation stipulates the contract provisions of the sale, provides volume summaries, and includes a timber sale map showing sale area and location. The bid invitation is distributed to qualified buyers in the area. Once a successful buyer is determined, contracts are executed and sale proceeds are delivered to the owner. We supervise harvesting activities to ensure contract compliance and represent the client’s interest in all matters.